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Men facing abuse & fake 

Hundreds of thousands of men face abuse and false allegations in India and across the world every single year. is the 

platform for them to network, unite and get educated about the issues.

Young college going men must wake to these new challenges in life. Governments often make policies that are highly insensitive towards the needs of men. Many Govt policies do not help or protect men. Young men need to protest against these policies.

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Trainings provided your experts are extremely helpful for stress management and filing responses in courts. I live a healthy lifestyle with a stable job and happy parents and all of it due to the counselling provided by experts.

I was married in 2016 and stayed with my wife for approximately 15 days. I was on Australian PR when I got married and my wife left me to apply for spouse visa from India. We never stayed together since.

Tarun Bhatt

The best place to help distressed men and fathers in Bangalore. A community center where men can come together and discuss their issues and receive counseling and support in a non judgemental way.

Also does research on mens mental health issues with NIMHANS, activism with media, judiciary and politicians etc on various topics relevant to mens issues.

Joy Bose

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Every year 500,000 to one million in India face marital problems or false cases.

Thousands of men also face threats of false rape cases as well. There is massive human rights violations going on in India. It is important to bring more accountability to the system.

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